Onderdeel van wagenpark
Meers, Crijns

Meers Transport has high-quality equipment for transporting a wide variety of products and goods at home and abroad. For example, we have several hopper trucks in our fleet.

Hoppers for loose bulk cargo

  • Hoppers for loose bulk cargo
  • are mainly used for transporting loose bulk such as potatoes, grain, and sand.
  • Freights are carried out on a dedicated basis
  • loading happens through the top,
  • unloading through the slide at the back, using a conveyor belt.

With our extensive and diverse fleet, we have all the capacity to meet our customers’ logistics wishes perfectly. We continuously invest in the sustainability and quality of our rolling equipment.

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable logistics partner? Then contact us without obligation: we are happy to help!

Hoe kunnen we je helpen?

Heb je een uitdaging op het vlak van transport of logistiek? Als logistieke totaalpartner heeft Groep Meers zeker en vast een oplossing op jouw maat.