Are you looking for the best possible transport? Discover our advantages now.

Are you looking for the best possible partner to transport your goods? Meers Transport offers plenty of advantages to confidently put your transport in our hands. We are specialists in transporting bulk cargo and palletised goods to and from the Benelux, France and Germany.

How can we help you?

Bulk transport

For decades, Meers Transport has specialised in international bulk transport: our own fleet transports many tonnes of bulk cargo throughout Europe every year. Our focus is on the Benelux, Germany and France. For our bulk transport, we mainly use tipper trucks and walking floors. We also offer bulk container loading as an option. We can receive the loose bulk via road, water or rail transport: there is a new rail terminal right behind our business premises, and we can transload it into bulk containers or tanker trucks.

Packaged goods transport

Our expertise in bulk transport is rivalled by our extensive expertise in transporting packaged goods on pallets. For this, we use both tautliners and walking floors. The latter have the great advantage that theft of goods is virtually impossible, partly due to the sturdy aluminium exterior.

International transport

With our branches in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, we have the perfect bases for the best possible international transport service. Our experienced team has all the expertise needed to tale care of your international transport.

We use a track & trace programme and GPS module to be aware of each truck’s exact position at all times. For you, our customer, it means you will always have adequate information about your transport.

National transport

Meers Transport guarantees national transport that is tailored to your company. Every day, dozens of our trucks are travelling Belgian roads to deliver goods to the right place everywhere. Punctual, fast, safe, and with experienced drivers behind the wheel. Thanks to our meticulous planning, we can guarantee the best possible freight transport in Belgium.

How can we help you?

Are you faced with a transport or logistics challenge? As a total logistics partner, Meers Transport will undoubtedly have a solution to suit you.