Work with Meers for your logistics: logical!

A logistics partner that is engaged in your processes and offers tailor-made solutions? Meers Transport has very extensive knowledge and all the facilities for logistical handling of all types of products.
As well as transport, Meers also offers various other logistics services, such as storage and bulk bagging. In short: we can take care of all logistics for your business.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

Bulk logistics infrastructure

At our location in Lanaken, we built a hall specifically for bulk goods, with pressure panels 10 metres high and with a storage capacity of 15,000 tonnes (divided into two compartments of 10,000 tonnes and 5,000 tonnes). Because of the special construction – the supporting structure is integrated in the walls so that the interior is completely smooth – no residual product remains when the hall is emptied.

Bagging plant

What’s more, we have a high-performance bagging plant with high capacity and efficient power consumption. The hall is filled using a discharge pit and conveyor belts for optimal use of the hall. The discharge pit and conveyor belts are made from stainless steel, so that we can also handle corrosive products (such as salt and fertiliser). The floors and walls are corrosion-resistant and have an impermeability certificate. The ecological aspect was also considered: for instance, all materials used for the hall and the exterior site are fully recyclable.

Extra facilities

A 3-hectare outdoor area – with all possible environmental permits (including waste) – is completely walled off by concrete blocks up to a height of 3 metres. On top of this is a 2-metre wire fence with windbreak mesh. The fully-lit site has an entirely liquid-proof surface with the necessary certificates, a sludge trap and a hydrocarbon separator to make sure no polluted water is discharged.

Handling equipment

We have extensive equipment for handling various types of cargo:

  • 15-tonne wheel loader with high lift bucket / bale clamp / BB handler / push board up to 8 metres
  • 12-tonne wheel loader with high lift bucket / bale clamp / BB handler / sweeper
  • 10-tonne telehandler with up to 14-metre forks / several buckets from 1m³ tot 4 m³/ push board up to 17 metres
  • 4-tonne forklift with bale clamp

How can we help you?

Are you faced with a transport or logistics challenge? As a total logistics partner, Meers Transport will undoubtedly have a solution to suit you.